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1.  EasyDone

RECSOFT Inc. presents automatic drawing conversion product EasyDone«, designed to work inside AutoCAD and AutoCAD based products like AutoCAD Map, Autodesk Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk Land Desktop, etc.

EasyDone is powerful raster-to-vector software, which includes built-in raster editor, text and graphics recognition subsystems and convenient editing system, designed specially to clean up results of automatic recognition the most effective way.

Graphics recognition provides conversion of the wide set of entities: lines, polylines, arcs, circles, hatches, arrowheads, solids, etc.

Text recognition automatically converts handwritten, handprinted or typographical upper/lower case text written in any direction. EasyDone recognizes texts of the standard character set ("Latin-1"), so it may be used for recognition of drawings in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages. Product is supplied completely ready to work and does not require any additional training for text or graphics recognition.

The special mode allows converting semi-automatically any text, even with very poor quality. The semi-automatic text recognition is new technology for fast and reliable converting of raster text to AutoCAD text entities, and may be even more convenient in certain cases than fully automatic text recognition.

The special editing tools allow cleaning up the obtained result the most efficient way, tracing at the same time that all text and graphics entities were checked by user and corrected, if necessary.

These tools provide new technology related to the automatic drawing conversion idea. Most of other automatic raster-to-vector systems make emphasis on the recognition process itself and leave the problem how to correct results of recognition to standard editing tools. But the point is that such tools are destined to edit objects created by user that is quite different task than editing results of automatic recognition. Thus standard editing tools are not effective enough in conjunction with automatic drawing conversion software.

The second problem is that users commonly often do not trust results of automatic recognition, and it is reasonable. Who knows how program recognized automatically some certain details of drawing, which may be very important to user? So, after automatic recognition it is necessary to review the whole drawing in all its details that is not easy to do, especially for large images. Users usually lose pretty soon any orientation whether some particular area has been checked already or not yet, and there are no convenient means to mark already checked area.

To solve these two major problems, disturbing automatic raster-to-vector technology to be widely used, EasyDone proposes special technology, which combines powerful automatic text and graphics recognition with unique editing capabilities. EasyDone editing system provides three main features:

1) Automatically shows all recognized objects one by one for user's observing and editing, if necessary;

2) Automatically passes user through the whole drawing over consequent viewing/editing areas where user may edit all entities and, before moving to the next area, make sure that all is correct in the already reviewed areas;

3) Provides the wide set of special text and graphics editing functions.

So, with this editing technology user may be sure that the whole drawing was browsed and nothing was missed without checking.  

Important feature of EasyDone is also that it is supplied completely ready to work and does not require any training from user, unlike some other raster-to-vector products with text recognition capabilities.


2.  EasyDone Table Converter (built-in in EasyDone)

EasyDone Table Converter is additional subsystem of EasyDone designed for automatic conversion of tables, existing in DWG files or recognized by EasyDone, into Excel and/or ACAD_TABLE format realized in AutoCAD 2005 and later versions. This subsystem is functionally similar to our product "DWG Table Converter", so EasyDone actually contains two products in one, and user has no need to buy DWG Table Converter separately, if EasyDone is acquired


3.  DWG Table Converter

DWG Table Converter is designed to work inside AutoCAD 2005 (and later versions) and AutoCAD based products like Autodesk Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Land Desktop and other products supporting ARX applications. This product provides automatic conversion of tables created with traditional AutoCAD objects (LINE, POLYLINE, TEXT, MTEXT, etc.) into Excel format and/or new table format ACAD_TABLE realized for the first time in AutoCAD 2005. Conversion in Excel format allows combining in one and the same output Excel document a number of tables from a current drawing and even from different drawings. Excel conversion provides correct conversion of tables rotated with 90, 180, 270 degrees, and provides also some additional features (automatic removing of empty rows and/or columns, etc.). DWG Table Converter may be used as independent utility or along with other applications, which work inside AutoCAD or AutoCAD based products.   


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