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RECSOFT Inc., the developer of professional drawing conversion software, provides hi-tech raster-to-vector solutions with automatic text and graphics recognition, based on a unique AI approach. Companyĺs employees have the highest experience and have been working in this area since early 90s.

RECSOFT provides high quality development of two types of drawing conversion software: universal products, which are designed to work in any CAD or GIS areas, and special raster-to-vector engines to work as integrated part of other products or OEM in some certain areas like, for example, Civil Design, GIS/Mapping, Architecture, Construction, etc.

If you are interested in really powerful universal raster-to-vector software, you may find it indeed on this Web site. Our new product EasyDoneÖ provides powerful automatic recognition of graphics and text, including recognition of standard set of European characters, and fast and reliable converting of recognized objects into AutoCAD data. 

We appreciate your visit, which is really important to us, and believe that our software solutions will be helpful for your business.  


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