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RECSOFT Inc. was established in 1996 in Silicon Valley, California and located in Foster City. The main mission of our company is development of automatic raster-to-vector software for AutoCAD and AutoCAD based products. RECSOFT Inc. has long time experience of business partnership with different software development and distribution companies. For instance, our product RecognizerÖ was distributed in the United States by Information and Graphics Systems, Inc. (1993-1996), product Image AutoGTÖ was successfully distributed in the USA and worldwide markets by HITACHI Software Global Technologies, LLC. (1996-2000). Our special product for automatic recognition of GIS documents was distributed by UCLID, LLC. (2000-2004) as integrated part of software package IcoMapÖ. Since the year 2016 RECSOFT Inc. has been dissolved.

All products developed by our company are characterized by well thought-out solutions and very high reliability of work. Our specialists always take into consideration feedback from users and their opinion, that helps develop powerful products really useful for RECSOFT's customers.         

Thank you for visiting our site.

Alexander Vlasenko,

 President of RECSOFT Inc.

Foster City                     


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